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How Dog Happy Began

Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything.

I have no idea who the author of this quote is, but it could have been written especially for me!


In 2011 my life was turned upside down and inside out when it collided with Bo – a rambunctious border collie cross rescue dog that I found available for adoption online. His amazing blue eyes had me at woof – I wanted in and drove 600 kms south to collect him. In reality, he was more what I imagine an internet dating experience might sometimes look like – what I saw and read, wasn’t necessarily what was.

Good looks aside, Bo turned out to be a lot of dog and was probably why he found himself in rescue. He had a bunch of behavioural issues way beyond my skill base and two months and two trainers later, I reluctantly returned him.

Don’t read me wrong, I loved this dog to bits. I just couldn’t control or contain him.

Miserable with him but bereft without him, I desperately sought the help of dog trainer and behavioural expert Steve Courtney at K9 Pro who was resolute in his belief that if I was 100% committed to his program, Bo could be successfully rehabilitated and trained to become a happy and well-behaved member of our family. Typically dog, Bo was already happy. I was happy with the promise of well-behaved.

I put my faith in Steve, organised Bo’s return and embarked on an adventure that has become one of my most rewarding life experiences. Under the guidance of Steve and agility instructor Vickie, who worked on us with as much conviction as I did, Bo morphed from a socially inept hooligan into my born again dream dog (with the occasional aberration) and today, is my co-pilot in the dog sport of agility. It’s been one of those pinch me, did that really happen, it’s been one hell of a ride life chapters – one I rarely reflect on these days because we’re just too busy having fun and being happy together!

During our time together, Bo and I have crossed paths and worked with some pretty incredible and talented people within the dog world. People I’d like you to meet. From trainers and behaviourists to small animal naturopaths and wholistic vets to practitioners in the therapies of physiotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractics, not to mention the inspirational people behind some of the brands and products we love and use.

If not for Bo, my path would never have crossed with these trailblazers, treatments and products and I am keen to share all of this and more with you, so that you, too, can live the best life possible with your dog. A dog happy life!

My plan and hopes for Dog Happy is that it becomes a valued and resource rich online outlet for dog happy people like me, where quality content that educates, entertains and sparks conversation can be found.


Image:  Ruthless Photos

Vicki Miller

Founder & Editor

Vicki is a self-employed public relations professional based in Sydney. During her career she has managed an expansive portfolio of local and international beauty and lifestyle brands, reported celebrity gossip on national radio for Who Weekly magazine and co-ordinated press tours for best-selling authors and visiting celebrities. Her passion for dogs drove her involvement in the launch and ongoing public relations success for one of Australia’s leading canine lifestyle brands for nearly a decade.

Her adoption of Bo, a difficult-to-manage, serial escape artist border collie cross in 2011 drove her to the brink of a nervous breakdown (true story) and a return ticket back to rescue for Bo.

With an expert’s help in dog rehabilitation and training, Bo was re-adopted by Vicki two months later. His talent for scaling impossibly high fences was redirected to the dog sport of agility, where bonds were cemented, addictions formed and jumping obstacles became legal.

Border collie pup, Cruize joined the Miller pack in 2013 and, along with Bo, has been the inspiration for Dog Happy.

Seen less often these days in corporate clothes and sky high heels, Vicki is more comfortable in Lorna Jane Flashies and Salomon runners, has traded her convertible for a station wagon and is in the process of relocating from beach side suburbia to country acreage – all for the love of dogs.

She works closely with Dog Happy’s expert contributors to produce content that’s both informative and engaging.